Tuesday, 1 September 2009

What to write?

It’s been a very long time since I last wrote on my blog. There have been a number of reasons for this. Of course I’ve written pieces since my last post on this blog, but never really managed to find required motivation and time to publish those pieces on the blog.

Today, end of my first day of becoming barrister and the beginning of second day, I ponder on the need for having such blog as this? Why should I have this blog? Why would people read it?

I ask these question for two primary reason: first to renew and review my effort in this for the simple reason that I genuinely want this effort to be of some use to me, a positive element in some way, the second reason is to remind those who take the travel to read this blog, the context and the purpose of the blog.

Looking back in time, I remember clearly the day I started this blog. The idea was to use this as a tool to express my self, my thoughts and ideas. At times, this blog was aimed to serve as a way of expressing my frustrations, reservations etc. But I was clear too that the primary readership, in my mind, was me, yes me. I write here to comfort myself, to calm, to sharpen, to express myself in manner that I see fit at the time of posing.

However, I understand with time people come to read this blog, I have asked some people to visit the site too. This has been out of an expectation that people would be less judgemental. But more fundamentally, those visiting shall trigger the cause for further intellectual stimulation on issues raised in my writing thus creating opportunities for intellectual sophistication of my thoughts and that of the others.

I continue to see my blog as an useful tool to further ones experiences and expressions in ways which are not possible using other means. Blog is not about presenting perfect vibes, sophisticated linguistic skills or even master piece pf PR. Blog is a vehicle to express one’s feeling as and when such feeling comes in manner that it naturally comes out at that moment without refinement of grammar, thought process, PR spin etc. it is the concept and the content that matters not how and when it is expressed.

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Anonymous said...

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We could also really do with your thoughts on the legal perspective for Muslims in the UK
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