Thursday, 17 December 2009

Shame on Our Government

Thirst for controversy, desire to test limits and audacity to defy international law is nothing new for the Israeli Government. It does not surprise me when they come out speaking in the most arrogant terms. What struck me however, are the eagerness and unbelievable drive of certain of our leaders to provide shields for the cruel, inhumane and racist government of the illegal state of Israel.
When a court in the UK issued an arrest warrant, most people knew it will never be carried out. However, even the symbolic importance was enough to cheer many. For once, general public in the UK felt at least some part of their state was neutral to the Israeli bias and had the courage to challenge their act of war crimes.
However, if we had reasons to be very happy at the decision of the court, we now have reason to be ashamed of yet again for the act of our government. It is unprecedented that for one single decision affecting Israel, ministers of the likes of Milliband showing a strong, open and unequivocal desire to change a long standing legal principle of our land. People will have issues with certain legal principles, but on this occasion government seems to be keen to change a principle which all right minded people will agree to be fair, just and proper.
This latest act of our government put us to shame. We as a nation must refuse to provide cover for the war crimes committed against the innocent men and women of the largest open prison on the planet. It is time that we demand Israel to free the air, sea and land blockades of Gaza to allow for the Gazans to go about their daily lives. It is right that we shall insist on the freeze of Israeli settlement. It is time that we pressure the Zionist regime in Israel to face up to their barbarity implicated upon the oppressed people of the Palestine. But instead, to come out in such manner as our ministers have done to support Livni is yet another expression of ugly, unreasoned, illogical and utterly unacceptable support of our government and we, the citizens, must condemn this.
The attitude of the British and most ex-colonial powers have been unacceptable for some time. Their arrogance and 'superiority complex' have been evident in their dealing most recently at the Copenhagen summit. For far too long they have prevented our beautiful world to be fair. Certain powers of our civilisation have openly and covertly often prevented our planet to offer equal opportunity for all people, all nations and all races. It is only recently however, we began to gather momentum and acquire courage to challenge them. The latest saga in the UK may look different in nature from the outset, but at the core they are fundamentally the same: old colonial powers still want to dominate the world in ways that suits their needs, meet their interests. Supporting Israel keeps open the doors of conflict, providing opportunities to these governments to exploit Middle Eastern resources, dominate global policies and politics.
Now that we have the momentum, the courage and stomach to challenge the 'super powers', given that the people in these countries yarn for a better future for all and keeping in mind their desire for justice and equality world over, we must continue to fight them with our utmost strength until the time is right to claim that we have a more equal and just world.