Wednesday, 30 May 2007

For so long the illegal Israeli occupation remains, our support for Palestine shall continue

Israel is an evil impetus causing enormous grief an incredible hardship and suffering for millions of people. The Zionist empire based in a dream that demeans all people but those of Jews ancestry seeks to impose its will and hegemony over the defenceless people of Palestine and continues to exert whatever pressure, however draconian and ruthless the consequence may be, on the people of Palestine and others in the immediate neighbourhood. The criminality of unprecedented scale some times directly inflicting chaos and destruction on others, and often via hidden means continues to be a major issue on world peace. It would not be too much to say that was it not for the Zionist policies of the Israeli evil empire, the whole of Middle East and indeed the world would have been a much better, secure and stable place. So when I see an article on a news monitoring site of Bangladesh ‘articulating’ how Bangladesh is loosing out from a principles stand to boycott Israel it indeed saddens me.

The article published on NFB presents to us the ‘human and caring’ face of Israel, a site which often is unseen! Israel has acquired some of the ‘best’ best facilities in cardiovascular treatment, agriculture and other important areas. The author informs us of the enormous ‘good’ the effort of Israeli government brings to the world through sharing their expertise in training and helping the people in the poor world. The author tells too of the offer by Israelis to help Bangladesh for no apparent interest to Israel which the BNP led government apparently refused to take. I should have been of course annoyed at the government of my country for depriving the poor and needy people of the chance to be treated by some of the best professional in health, agriculture and other infrastructure development! But sadly I cannot.

It seems that the author’s main argument was to present the kind heartedness of the Israeli government and a genuine desire by them to be a force for good. I wish I could accept such attempt, instead I find it incredible that author felt us to be so foolish that we will not understand the clever stunt by the Israeli to gain some cheap sympathy in its mission to wipe our Palestine.

If for the sake of argument I accept that the effort by Israel to help others is genuine and therefore should be commended, it is only natural to look at the greatest contribution that Israel can may to the humanity. Thousands of people killed by illegal and barbaric Israeli aggression in Palestine, Lebanon and other places, Israel continue to randomly arrest, detain and imprison people of Palestinian origin for months and years. As I write this article, illegal Israeli incursion in the Gaza strip results in the arrest of democratically elected government ministers among others. It is clear that Israel has no regard for the lives of the Palestinian, no desire to end the illegal occupation and no plan to stop their land grabbing policy. Clearly too that Israel wishes never a stable middle east in which each nation flourish with full potential as such outcome will threaten Israel’s superiority. The position taken, however old or ‘antiquated’ the ban may be, it was a decision taken in solidarity of our Palestinian brothers and sister and to show our support for their cause. The ground on which the decision was taken has not change, if any it has gone worse. Of course it is true that many other countries have changed their position. But that is only because those countries lost its courage and have now converted into ‘American out Posts in the Middle east’. It is unfortunate of course to see the last lines in that article that seeks to threaten Bangladesh of US wrath. But I am not at all surprised as US has shamelessly supported the illegal state of Israel and will continue to do so. It is true that country like Bangladesh rely heavily on the goodwill and support of countries like the United states of America, true too that the people of Bangladesh value the friendship with US people, but that does not follow that Bangladesh and her government will be willing give way to bullying by people like Hannah Brown in accepting the state of Israel’s ill and evil destructive actions.

The people of Bangladesh have suffered for centuries in the hand of foreign masters and are fully aware of the humiliation, and hardship of life under occupation. The heroic nation that is my Bangladesh knows too of the difficulties and price often required staying on the ‘wrong’ side of the powerful. But our people also knows to remain firm and steady on the face of injustice and have fought and stood against injustice. For so long as the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine will remain, the solidarity and support of the people of Bangladesh will also continue to be with the Palestinian brothers and sisters. To even think of luring us and bullying us to form ‘noble ties’ with Israel is if anything an insult to our feeling, our values and our principles.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Behind the Attacks lies a greater ambition to build an American Empire

History has been made today with a landmark meeting in Bagdad, the meeting between US envoy and Iranian Ambassador. This is the first high level contact between the countries in 30 years. Whatever the outcome may have been the meeting itself is a step towards the right direction which must be commended. Hopefully more meetings of this kind in the future will eventually bring about normal relationship between the two countries both with distinct history.

The meeting reported on BBC’s website as ‘US warns Iran over arming Iraqis’. Following the positive gloss on the meeting above it is unfortunate that a major news corporation fails to report an important event more positively. On a broader point however, reading the US feedback on the meeting, they very characteristically attacks the Iranian and warns them to ‘stop arming Iraqis’.

The US attack on the independent sovereign Iraq has been a blunder, the greatest mistake of George Bush’s career. The war on Iraq has come to haunt the neo-cons in spectacular fashion marred in controversy and perhaps incompetence though many would say rather arrogance failed their intelligence. What is clear however now is that amid increasing dissatisfaction and eroding support for the president and his project at home and isolated and ridiculed image of the US administration abroad left the master at the White House and Pentagon wonder for solutions. Their failure of astronomical magnitude costing lives and money at a frightening even to think. No body knows of the total death tolls of Iraq civilians and every day dozens more are dying. The country and its infrastructure are in tatters leaving a one time rich and advance nation in ruins. The failure to manage Iraq and bring about normalisation is increasingly frustrating the US administration who now finds an easy escape goat on Iran, an isolated nation being victim of US imperial vision.

But should we be surprised at the US’s hypocritical role with regards to Iran? Let’s briefly list some of the issues that US has with Iran: Nuclear, Arming Insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan and supporting Hezbollah and the likes. Of course the neo-cons and their allies also allege the Iranian regime to be theocratic who are suffocating the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran was labelled as member of the ‘Axis of Evil’ pronounced by the president in a famous speech. I shall seek to address each of these in brief below.

The issue of Nuclear energy and suspected military motives by the Iranian regime is one of total and utter nonsense, indefensible by any logic. To start with, the forces demanding the Iranian regime to give up their nuclear ambition themselves are armed with most sophisticated nuclear technology perhaps would not be possible for Iran to ever match and they continue to increase and enhance their capability both at the civil and military arena. To prevent Iran and to bully them to stop nuclear activities is the greatest hypocrisy of our time. There are other unstable regimes with nuclear bombs who instead of being forced to give up their weapons are being helped actively and empowered to strengthen their capability, India just one such nation who have a history of fighting with its neighbours, continues to have interesting relationship with most of its neighbours. India is also a country entrenched into sectarian fighting and many of her provinces are unstable as a result of ‘independence movement’ by various groups. How than is it justifiable that a nation who have been engaged in unprovoked war on more than one occasion with more than one nation is allowed to be empowered with nuclear forces and aided by the US yet when Iran, relatively small nation who never fought an aggressive war and clearly states no desire to acquire military nuclear technology be forced to abandon her projects? Why should there be a ban on Iran’s effort when clearly they have neither broken any role nor threatened or shown any sign of aggression? The only answer is Iran refuses to be a US poodle in a region where most others are happy to do so thus represent a threat to US-Israeli dominance in the oil rich region of our world which also happens to be the heart of a major religion with a global vision.

Iran seen a change over three decades ago, a change that brought an end to the most ruthless and autocratic regime in her entire history. The Islamic revolution was a mass movement of the people who reclaimed their right to govern themselves free from the suppression of ruthless dictator. Ever since the revolution the regimes in Iran have been elected democratically by the popular vote of her citizens contrary to the picture painted in the west. Iran is the only Middle Eastern country to have a thorough democratic system where man and women all participate. Contrary to the claims made by the neo-cons, the government in Iran has better democratic credential than President Bush for it was Bush who ashamed great American democracy by loosing the popular vote yet gaining the presidency.

The rise of the current Iranian political elites to the power came as a result of a stated commitment to fight aggression and help others to free themselves from occupation and dictatorship. As such Iran committed itself to help occupied people of Palestine and Lebanon to mobile their numbers to force occupiers out of their land. Most nation in history have done so, there is nothing inherently wrong in doing so. Even to date, US continue to arm support and fund more rebel and other groups to destabilise more countries than Iran can ever dream of doing. US’s role in funding extremist armed groups is well known and continues to date including currently funding an Iranian dissident group which has been branded ‘terrorist’ organisation by various international entities. Most recently, they have also actively supported a quo against the democratically elected government of Venezuela. The support for Israel and its illegal occupation continues to be a shame on American nation.

The arguments can be built, fact however is that the arrogance of American administrations means little does these arguments means. In affect however, beneath all the words and arrogance lies an ambitious desire to build a new empire spanning the whole world in which only America and her allies will have the ultimate say. Countries like Iran are an obstacle in achieving such vision thus prevented from pursuing legitimate means to strengthen and advance their national interests.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Birth of a new Dawn is inevitable

During the summer of 2006 the people of Lebanon found themselves caught in the midst of fire. The memories of brutal war made a come back destroying live, infrastructure and indeed the whole of Lebanon. Beautiful suburbs and lively streets in Beirut came to a standstill amid the devastation of astronomical scale caused by mighty Israeli shelling from air, sea and land. Though the war raged in full swing for weeks, and despite clear military advantage to Israel, the will of the people of Lebanon, the determined defence of highly committed Hezbollah forces meant Israel came out of the war as the wounded lion that lost its pride. The people of Lebanon and indeed the whole of Arab for first time in modern age felt proud of their strengths, not the governments and leaders but the people found heroes in the men of Hezbollah. These experiences undoubtedly led the leadership of Hezbollah confident who immediately after the war attempted to strengthen their grips in the corridors of power in Beirut.

A year later now that we approach the summer once again, people in Lebanon yet again finds themselves in the midst of war-noises. This time the attacks and the parties of the war no longer are the old enemies, the Israelis against defenceless Lebanese, but rather, the Lebanese Army laying siege against Palestinian refuges apparently taken hostage by a militant group. This development brings about yet again bitter memories of the past when multi racial, multi-faith Lebanon was engulfed in horrific civil war primarily fought along the religious lines. Already Hezbollah made their views known while the government continuing to show their determination to go ahead with ‘finishing’ their business. Recognising the strengths of the militants and potential support from powerful political blocks, military equipments and other necessary resources have already been channelled to the Lebanese army from the US and other Middle Eastern countries. Irony of course is that the Americans only last summer supported the Israeli effort in all forms against this very government even on the face of massive civilian casualties and clear violation of international laws by the Israeli warmongers. Although they argue to help the Lebanese army to increase and improve its capacity, reality is the result of a strengthen Lebanese army and continued siege on the refugees camp will only weaken the Lebanese government and bring about destruction of Lebanese infrastructure and society. There is no interest to be served by the Lebanese as far as the USA is concerned. The only outcome that will satisfy the US and in turn their masters in Tel Aviv is the outcome that will ensure a fragile Lebanon divided along sectarian lines, this latest crisis will go much far into achieving such objectives.

Interesting it is to see how this crisis unfolds. The effort of the Lebanese army is seen as a war against al-Qaeda necessary to defeat the forces of ‘evil’ threatening our global stability. Interesting too to see how other major obstacles to US ambition to control the Middle East are shown to be ‘engaged’ in this conflict. I of course am talking about Iran and Syria. Only this morning Walid Jumblatt, the leader of the Druze Community pronounced the lines so loved by the USA unchallenged by BBC in the Sunday AM programme where he sensed active Syrian and Iranian hands behind the escalation of the current crisis. Irony of course is that these are the lines also expresses the views of Neo-conservative ideologues in the Washington and beyond. It would be significant therefore to see how this latest crisis unfolds in Lebanon. What is clear however that certain forces with deep interest in the region will continue to see an unstable middles east to further their interest. What we of course do not hear is the potential gain by the USA from this conflict. Let’s just look at two such gains.

While the Lebanese siege continues, Israel suffocates the Palestinians, arrests the members of democratically elected government and continues to strengthen its grips on the Palestinian territory. In fact, it is evident that while the media spotlight continues to be away from Gaza, Israel aims to force the Palestinian government of Ismael Hniya to become dysfunctional by arresting his ministers and threatening to kill as many of his activist as possible. All these happen of course while media, especially in the west continues to avoid giving any coverage on the issue. The middles eastern powers too seem to be not bothered by the developments.

It would not be a bad thing to get rid of the ‘evil forces’ if it was to ensure peace and stability in the Middle East forever. The difficulty of course is that the forces identified by the Us-Israeli axis and their allies to be the ‘forces of evil’ continues to enjoy popular support by standing for the rights of the oppressed on the face of mighty enemy while the self proclaimed ‘forces of good’ remains deeply attached to committing evil deeds. Their allies hoping silently to see the end of the popular movements on the other hand continues to lose their grips on power and becoming increasingly unpopular. If this story continues, we shall continue to go round the cycles without ever finding a solution for the deeply troubled region that has so much influence in our lives, in deciding our future.

The peace loving people of the world must demand, and the self proclaimed leaders of the ‘civilised world’ must first stop associating themselves with the evil regime of the Zionists in Israel. Justice must be put before any other consideration regardless of the potential consequences. As an immediate step, Israeli incursion and continued detention of Palestinian people must come to an end and the Unity Government of Ismael Haniya must be given a chance to bring about order, run his country and rebuild the economy. The government of the Palestinian people must be allowed to rule their country free of interference from the outer world. Once the current situation is neutralised, tension reduced and normality return on the streets of Palestine, pressure must be brought about on Israel to give up its settlement of the west Banks and return to internationally recognised borders. Pressure must also be ensured on Israel to force her in accepting the refugees or compensate them if they so wish to be duly which will bring an end to lifelong imprisonment of generations of Palestinians spread all over the world.

There are of course those, in fact the dominant factions of global power, who argues that Israelis must be given assurance of security and left unattacked and undisturbed for any settlement to take place. This argument defies common logic and runs contrary to commonly accepted protocol. The people of Palestine are desperate, under occupation they have lost their loved ones, their homes, their lands and of course their freedom, what hope do they have of living a fulfilling life in an independent Palestine? How can we demand desperate people living in total despair accepting responsibility for situations in which they never played any major rule? The response from the Palestinian side, however harsh may look, is a response that should reasonably be expected from any occupied people, they are merely defending and in most cases seeking to regain the lost honour, dignity and pride, their country and their homes. Surely, for them to stop a clear progress must be made in ensuring their return to their homes, their freedoms must be brought in sight for them to stop fighting for it.
Coming back to the original issue, I was talking of two gains by the Israel-US and their allies from keeping Middle East chaotic. I mentioned one above with regards to Israel Palestine. The other major gain is that given the role of the USA in the middle eastern politics and their biased and totally unjustified stand over many years in supporting Israeli aggression, the continued biased of USA against Muslims and those who aspire to see Islam prevail, even the name of USA should have caused enormous anger in the middles east. The infighting within Middle Eastern society ensures that USA is in demand. As mentioned before, despite the USA role in Israel’s attempt to destroy Lebanon, Lebanese government turn to USA for help in its internal fight, Saudi Arabia remains dependant on USA fearing potential uprising bringing an end to the rule of the House of Saud, Fattah relies on US support to regain its control over Palestinian people and the list can continue. It is not in the interest of the US and indeed the ‘west’, therefore, to see an end to Middle Eastern violence. On this backdrop, therefore, it is not realistic to expect a solution with US at the driving sit. On the other hand, without the US involvement a solution is unthinkable, thus the conclusion is that there is no solution to Middle East problem. The only way out therefore is a new renaissance in the middles east, a renaissance bringing about empowerment of people, true democracy that ensures people’s participation in the governance of their country. For such time to become reality, a new grass root level activity must now be the focus of all peace loving determined people of the Middle East. Only when the puppets are driven out power will we see a truly stable middle east. Of course in the process there will be bloodshed, chaos and conflicts, there will be bitterness and pain. But the pain and bitterness is like the unbearable suffering of a mother prior to birth, once the birth of the new dawn takes place, all pain shall wane away ushering a new era of peace, stability and humanly love and kindness. Of course, there will be the death of the ‘birth giving mother’ as it so happens in real life, but the success if inevitable, however long it may take.