Wednesday, 30 May 2007

For so long the illegal Israeli occupation remains, our support for Palestine shall continue

Israel is an evil impetus causing enormous grief an incredible hardship and suffering for millions of people. The Zionist empire based in a dream that demeans all people but those of Jews ancestry seeks to impose its will and hegemony over the defenceless people of Palestine and continues to exert whatever pressure, however draconian and ruthless the consequence may be, on the people of Palestine and others in the immediate neighbourhood. The criminality of unprecedented scale some times directly inflicting chaos and destruction on others, and often via hidden means continues to be a major issue on world peace. It would not be too much to say that was it not for the Zionist policies of the Israeli evil empire, the whole of Middle East and indeed the world would have been a much better, secure and stable place. So when I see an article on a news monitoring site of Bangladesh ‘articulating’ how Bangladesh is loosing out from a principles stand to boycott Israel it indeed saddens me.

The article published on NFB presents to us the ‘human and caring’ face of Israel, a site which often is unseen! Israel has acquired some of the ‘best’ best facilities in cardiovascular treatment, agriculture and other important areas. The author informs us of the enormous ‘good’ the effort of Israeli government brings to the world through sharing their expertise in training and helping the people in the poor world. The author tells too of the offer by Israelis to help Bangladesh for no apparent interest to Israel which the BNP led government apparently refused to take. I should have been of course annoyed at the government of my country for depriving the poor and needy people of the chance to be treated by some of the best professional in health, agriculture and other infrastructure development! But sadly I cannot.

It seems that the author’s main argument was to present the kind heartedness of the Israeli government and a genuine desire by them to be a force for good. I wish I could accept such attempt, instead I find it incredible that author felt us to be so foolish that we will not understand the clever stunt by the Israeli to gain some cheap sympathy in its mission to wipe our Palestine.

If for the sake of argument I accept that the effort by Israel to help others is genuine and therefore should be commended, it is only natural to look at the greatest contribution that Israel can may to the humanity. Thousands of people killed by illegal and barbaric Israeli aggression in Palestine, Lebanon and other places, Israel continue to randomly arrest, detain and imprison people of Palestinian origin for months and years. As I write this article, illegal Israeli incursion in the Gaza strip results in the arrest of democratically elected government ministers among others. It is clear that Israel has no regard for the lives of the Palestinian, no desire to end the illegal occupation and no plan to stop their land grabbing policy. Clearly too that Israel wishes never a stable middle east in which each nation flourish with full potential as such outcome will threaten Israel’s superiority. The position taken, however old or ‘antiquated’ the ban may be, it was a decision taken in solidarity of our Palestinian brothers and sister and to show our support for their cause. The ground on which the decision was taken has not change, if any it has gone worse. Of course it is true that many other countries have changed their position. But that is only because those countries lost its courage and have now converted into ‘American out Posts in the Middle east’. It is unfortunate of course to see the last lines in that article that seeks to threaten Bangladesh of US wrath. But I am not at all surprised as US has shamelessly supported the illegal state of Israel and will continue to do so. It is true that country like Bangladesh rely heavily on the goodwill and support of countries like the United states of America, true too that the people of Bangladesh value the friendship with US people, but that does not follow that Bangladesh and her government will be willing give way to bullying by people like Hannah Brown in accepting the state of Israel’s ill and evil destructive actions.

The people of Bangladesh have suffered for centuries in the hand of foreign masters and are fully aware of the humiliation, and hardship of life under occupation. The heroic nation that is my Bangladesh knows too of the difficulties and price often required staying on the ‘wrong’ side of the powerful. But our people also knows to remain firm and steady on the face of injustice and have fought and stood against injustice. For so long as the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine will remain, the solidarity and support of the people of Bangladesh will also continue to be with the Palestinian brothers and sisters. To even think of luring us and bullying us to form ‘noble ties’ with Israel is if anything an insult to our feeling, our values and our principles.

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