Thursday, 16 April 2009

In the footstep of our Prophet

Da’watul Islam UK and Eire arranged their annual family gathering at the Markfield Conference Centre with a timely theme – Muhammad (PBUH) the Rahmatullil Alamin (The mercy to the mankind).
Being there in the company of so many families who gave up their long weekend to come the event has been an experience to remember for life. I found my presence to help me up lift my spirit, renew my commitment and revitalise my strengths.
At a time when Islam and Muslims are under fire from almost all quarters in most part of the world, Muslims has nothing but to hold firm in their faith and hope for the mercy of their lord. But it is not easy to hold firm with belief in Allah. Reminding ourselves of the struggle of our leader, guide and prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) and to study and practice his teaching is indeed a major force in strengthening our resolve and empowering our faith. I thus thank the organisers for hosting such a wonderful event and pray to Allah that he rewards the organisers and the participants enormously.
We need the re-empowerment of our faith, renewing our commitment of course first and foremost to stay firm on our ground and to protect ourselves, the individuals. But more importantly, the study and practice of our prophet’s lives and teachings must encourage and embolden us to be active in our communities. We need to blend into society to become part of it and to change it in ways which will eradicate all notion of injustice and bring prosperity and happiness. This is important given the time and circumstance in which we live in. Not just misguided few individuals, even our government throwing unreasonable and unnecessary challenges which could potentially have devastating consequences. It seems apparent that much of these challenges are deliberate and designed to undermine the unique presence of the Muslim communities.
But the challenges we face are nothing new. They may change in kind but fundamentally they remain same: results of ignorance and to some extent prejudice about and towards Islam and the Muslims. This ignorance and the prejudice are issues we need to deal with without fear. We need to hold our ground firmly and be determined to see them through. First step in facing these challenges is to know our society in which we live and to learn about its good and not so good characteristics. Our social problems affect us and we must as a matter of religious duty address these issues. Such is the essence of Islam. Allah says in the Quran that our prophet was like of people from within the community who used to feel aggrieved at by the grievances of his community and joyous at the happiness of his people. Can we say the same about ourselves?
Of course it means little to say we ought to become fully part of the society and to feel for the issues of the society. What I mean in practical term is that we need to engage ourselves on the affairs of our society on a daily basis to clearly demonstrate our commitment to the society. Our acts must be of the kind that it beyond doubt demonstrates our feeling and genuine sincerity to our people. We need to engage to better the economic, education and social condition of our people regardless of their race, gender or faiths. Our engagement must be inspired by our faith and our expectation must be to gain the satisfaction of our master, Allah, the almighty.
For our friends who may not share our faith but feel for us and desire us to be proud member of this society, they must live up to the challenge of the current time. Their friendship must be not merely to provide leap service to our community but to go beyond words and practically work to safeguard our interests. Claiming to be our friend is of little use to us of such friendship does not materialise into shaping policies which genuinely reflects the desire of our community. We are not seeking to be special. We are aspiring to be equal: to be citizens with unique faith, culture and creed who are collectively committed to make our society better, stronger and more cohesive.Remembering our prophet, studying his message and seeking to follow his footstep should inspire us to be proactive in our societies and to go beyond usual lines and work hard tirelessly to make our society significantly better.

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Mankind is now aakening from their deep sleep to face the greatest challenge of environment destruction brought upon by mindless materialism in the past half century. Holy Prophet teaching is now the only cure to save the planet from total destruction.