Monday, 31 January 2011

Thirst for Freedom has sparked....Egypt has spoken

Only days earlier the world observed the momentous revolution unfold in Tunisia ending the iron rule of Ben Ali, one of the cruelest dictators of our time. The people of Tunisia made history through their sacrifice to achieve freedom. The world was ecstatic, celebrating embracing the Tunisian outcome. Joy and happiness caused tears in many eyes; people simply were amazed and overwhelmed.
Young souls like mine have seen no revolution in our life time, not one which made an impact. Tunisia was enough to quench our thirst for excitement to see people in thousands march for freedom and to break the shackles of oppression. We had it in Tunisia, we were over the top. But God had different plans; he had more than Tunisia in mind. Soon after Ben Ali fled, people in Egypt rose to the challenge to attain freedom. They gathered in their fitting Liberation Square. They chanted, laid before the barrels their lives, bloods shed but they did not waiver, they stood firm.
In Egypt now a revolution unfolding: ordinary men and women, children and elderly all took to the street defying the gas, gun, tanks and fighter jets. The harsher the dictator’s organs roared the louder the people chanted: Go Mubarak Go, leave Mubarak leave and so forth. They have shown their determination and courage, they continue to strive for freedom. And no doubt, the freedom shall come and the people will prevail over the ill fated Mubarak’s monstrous regime.
But it seems just as the people rise, just as the spirit is up and just as we begin to experience euphoric push for freedom, there are those busy creating divisions and sensing conspiracies. The ‘world leaders’ from Washington to London and beyond, the rulers fail to see the goodwill of people and their desire for freedom. They struggle to speak for truth, justice and fairness; they struggle to say enough is enough to the dictators.
Saddam was kicked out wasting our money, lives and resources in defiance of long established laws. Yet event today we see the warmongers justifying their criminal acts using the cause of freedom. Yet why isn’t the regimes in Washington, London and beyond able to say publicly “Mubarak, we think your time is over, you must leave, leave now?”
As the sun begins to tilt toward west, marking the beginning of the end of yet another day, let us pray that it will return after darkness, let us pray that the sun rising tomorrow in Egypt, over the beautiful Read Sea and the amazing river Nile, it will whisper Egypt, congratulations, you are now free, you have freedom.

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