Monday, 31 May 2010

Israel's cruelty unleashed on board freedom flotilla will embolden the peace Movement

This morning we woke up to hear that Israeli invaded Freedom Flotilla, a convey of ships carrying aid to Gaza, a besieged nation in Palestine. As many as 19 people are reported to have been killed and dozens other are injured. The convoy was 90 miles away from Gaza and were on international water when in the darkness of early morning the Israeli forces landed on board the ships from helicopter.

Reaction from the International community has been rather slow and insufficient though Turkey called summoned Israeli Ambassador in Ankara and called for an emergency UN meeting, Greece cancelled her joint military exercise with Israel, Germany and France condemned the Israeli act while EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner called on Israel to open all of Gaza's borders to allow necessary and essential aid.

The media, though slow but are now surely covering the event with BBC firing some probing questions on the Israeli Officials. Although notably little representation of the Peace Movements involved are aired other than their press statement.

19 brave men and women may have died, their convey did not reach the Gazan shore and International Community did not show the sense of outrage it ought to have shown. However, the determined and conscientious people on board Freedom Flotilla and all those who supported the preparation and launch of this great initiative can and must take satisfaction that their objective is not fully suppressed. Israel looks visibly shaken by the event and are struggling to answer for their actions. US-British government though remained largely silent, there will be intense pressure on both these governments to do something about the blockade. The people of both these nations are in solidarity with the pain and suffering of the Palestinians and will be even more so after today. Only last week we have seen Michael Mansfield QC, a leading lawyer of our country, writing in the Guardian calling for some tough actions from the UK Government.

Israel has acted in gross violation of International Law, brutally killed 19 noble and brave souls, maintain the death trap on Gaza, stood firm on its commitment to create worlds largest open prison and living recreation of Nazi Concentration Camp and provoked anger in the minds of millions, brutally killed. It has not met the necessary response yet, one it so badly deserves. But, the coverage of its shameless invasion and blood thirsty attitude towards those on board Freedom Flotilla will undermine its strength and standing at home and abroad greatly.

Heinous Israeli act will strengthen the resolve of all those fighting for justice and freedom for the Palestinians and will be embolden to commit to more Freedom Flotilla like actions.


Seeker said...

Just to update, since my post, British Foreign Secretary William Hague has since condemned the Israeli action.

Seeker said...

Sorry, but I ought to clarify. On rehearing the coverage, William Hague has deplored the loss of lives but appears to stop short of condemning Israel.

Alison Elise said...


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