Sunday, 4 November 2007

BBC revives ‘Imperial Arrogance’

BBC in a series titled ‘Clashes of the World’ shamelessly attempt to discredit the heroes of resistance movement, the symbol of freedom struggle against British Colonial Rule. Last week on Sunday they were discrediting the heroes of our First Independence movement (often known as the mutiny or cepoy revolt) in India labelling them as mere bandits, fundamental religious terrorists. This week they despise the great Mahdi, the founder of modern Sudan.

Distortion of truth and false propaganda had been at the heart of British attempt to colonise the world using brute force and taking the advantage of simplicity and trust of ordinary people whether in India, Arabia or Africa. The series on BBC merely reminds us of their nature not being changed a little. In India Muslims under Mughal were the first to bring the whole of India together as an entity and lay the foundation of modern day India. Muslim rulers, traders and noblemen went to great lengths to ensure the prosperity in architecture, education, trade, infrastructure and administration. They for the first time gave the Indians a sense of pride in a previously unknown ‘national sense’. They therefore represented the greatest threat to greedy and ambitious forces of the growing British Empire often led by Christian fanatics. They mercilessly slaughtered our people in thousands, confiscated our lands, wealth and pride.

By the very nature of any proud Muslim and the hard work put in building the civilisation that India was, Muslim could not accept such incursions into their land and were determined to offer heroic challenges. Of course they did not do so without the help and encouragement of the followers of other religions, primarily Hindus. To them there were little difference between themselves and the Hindus with regards to forming resistance against aggressions, incursions and attempt of colonisation.

The people who for nearly two centuries offered their lives, sacrificed everything within their possession to date inspires us to be united for a common cause. The greats like Shahid Syed Ahmed, Titumir, Tipu Sultan, Bahadur Shah Zafar and countless others are our heroes who give us a sense of pride in our desire to live as unique and independent people. We dreamt for our freedom, we desired our existence as sovereign nations and those heroes were the sources of our dreams, the power behind our strength. Today when a reputable organisation like BBC broadcasts programmes to discredit such heroes of our contemporary history, it is of course with a great shame, an utter disgrace that we watch.

There are great needs for programmes that bring to us, the new generation, our pasts. But such programmes should be based on truth and justice. The slaughter, massacre and ruthless suppressions by the Imperial rulers and their agents world over mark the most shameful chapter of Imperial British History. The most notorious of commanders who advanced such heinous acts of disgrace, instead of being portrayed as they were, are not presented as great war strategists, intelligent commanders on the field and saviours of civilisations.

With great deal of shock and a great sense of loss we regret the role of BBC which only goes onto reviving the imperial arrogance, lies and distortions. This will be seen by the people of the respective nations as yet another exposure of the real character of our old colonial masters who have not abandoned their old tactics and continues to foster their desire to rule us, albeit in different forms. As a result, while the dramatisation of events using modern media technology seeks to achieve advantage in combating al Qaeda, it will only do the opposite. To bring the legendary heroes on the level of misguided terrorists like those of Osama Bin Laden will only offer legitimacy to their cause and create an environment of sympathy among ordinary folks.
The conclusion must therefore be that for the sake of the global peace and in ensuring a better world based on mutual respect, cooperation, equality and justice, people must be given their due honour and their feelings and sympathies must be respected. Classifying entire section of population as potential terrorists for no reason other than their desire and determined effort to see their values prevail in peaceful political movement is an attempt that goes against the very values of civility, fairness and justice. Let us hope that the days of imperial arrogance are well and truly buried in the past and our present is made to foster better understanding and link between nations, cultures and religion.

First Published on News Monitoring site, News From Bangladesh ( on Tuesday November 6, 2207.

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